Privacy Policy

By using this service, you give Byvoks access to information about you. Here you can see what information this applies to, how we collect it and what we use it for.

What is meant by personal information?

By personal information we mean information that can be associated with a person, for example, name, place of residence, telephone number, e-mail address and/or IP-address. Information about how to use Byvoks, such as what assignments you have viewed or posted, or communications within the service, are also considered personal information.

What guidelines apply to the handling of personal data?

Byvoks is responsible for all handling of personal data collected through the use of our services, and is obliged to comply with the Personal Data Act (US) and GDPR (Europe and Asia).

What information do we collect about you?

  1. Information you provide about yourself
    • All information you yourself register as a user of the service
    • All communications in the form of messages between you and other users, as well as customer service
  2. Information collected about your use of Byvoks
    • Technology: We detect whether you are using a laptop, tablet or mobile, as well as which browser you are using, which IP address you come from, network operator and the like
    • Your activity on the service: We record which links you click and which pages you visit

The information is stored either locally on the device you are using or in our databases. 

Information from other sources

We also record and analyze how you use the service through a third party. We do this to improve our user experience and services.

What do we use this information for?

  1. In order to give you a good and functional user experience, it is useful to store your steps along the way. For example, by using a login with Facebook, you do not have to verify your email, as Facebook has already done this. In addition, we need your email to be able to contact you and to establish contact between you and other users of the service.
  2. It is also important that Byvoks both is, and feels like, a safe service to use. Therefore, we display profiles with names and pictures, so that you as a user get an impression of who you are trading with. We also use information in the form of IP addresses, cookies and message history to recognize violations and fraudulent attempts, so that we always try to prevent unwanted or criminal activity.
  3. In order to improve our existing services, we look at how you as a user make use of our system. We analyze user behaviour to optimize and customize the solution.

Does anyone else have access to my information?

Your information is used internally within Byvoks and with other users you chose to communicate or share information with using the service. In addition, some of your information may be shared with a third party, for example in the case of payment transactions. Nevertheless, the information is not used for any other purpose than providing services with Byvoks.

In case of suspected serious offense or crime, we also reserve the right to provide information to public authorities upon request. We also reserve the right to disclose information if this is necessary to prevent a criminal offense, or in case of dispute.

How can I change or delete my personal information?

The general information about you can be found under settings in your profile. It is important that the information we have about you at all times is accurate and up to date.

We do not store your information for longer than we need, and only as long as you have an active profile with us at Byvoks. If you want something removed from your user profile you can contact us and we will help you. If you want to delete your profile completely, we will remove all information connected to your profile. However, some content, such as message history between you and another user, will still be available for the other users you have interacted with, for instance in an assignment chat thread. Also note that some information is required by law to store for a certain period of time, for example through the Norwegian Bookkeeping Act.

If you wish to delete your account and data send us an e-mail at