The SoSoPa Neighborhood AKA SOuth of SOfienbergPArk

Watch out now, there is a new kid on the block. Or more specifically a new neighborhood in town. Introducing SoSoPa or SOuth of SOfienbergPArk

The official (more like unofficial) borders of SoSoPa.

Where is SoSoPa?

As the name implies, you'll find SoSoPa directly south of Sophienberg Park. But isn't that just Tøyen or Løkka? Well, yes and no. It's a bit too far north to be considered Tøyen and not gentrified enough to be considered Løkka. 

Restaurants of SoSoPa

Here you can find many nice restaurants, most of which offer nice dishes in very very cramped spaces. It's a small neighborhood so perhaps square meters are limited because you'll no doubt be tightly squeezing by fellow diners. That is if you can manage to find an open seat at all. Some highlights to check out include KonojiApostrophe, and The Little Pickle

Shopping in SoSoPa

As you traverse the streets of SoSoPa you may notice that pretty much everyone is much hiper and better dressed than you. Of course today being better dresses usually consists of carefully selected thrifted clothes your grandpa used to wear paired very expensive statement pieces. Thankfully in SoSoPa you'll find both. 

Checkout F5 to get your designer fix and once your wallet is drained, save bit getting used denim from Vintage Jeans. The jean store is so hip they don't even have a website. 

sosopa hat
If there is merch, then it must be a thing. (Photo Ask Fredrik Berg)

Conclusion of SoSoPa

Is it worth checking out? Of course it is. This is Oslo and we almost never get new things. Even if those new things are just repackaged in this case. SoSoPa maybe just that but is still worth a visit.

Checkout Aftenposten's breakdown for more things to see, do and eat

The SoSoPa Duftlys

In a totally not-so-hipster move someone is already trying to profit from this! Ok, it's us. Get the SoSoPa candle as a gift or to show off your own little piece of Oslo pride.

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