Byvoks update: Burning buildings and new beginnings

A few weeks ago a fire started on the roof of Grensen 17 in Oslo where our offices and production were located. As you can imagine this has really impacted our business. We are essentially having to restart from scratch. So ya, this all really sucks but let's not dwell on the bad news and instead consider the good news:  

  1. It wasn't our candles that started the blaze. Phew! 
  2. No one was injured (major thanks to the amazing Oslo fire department).
  3. This has given us a chance to rethink our business and try something totally new.

So after going through the various stages of candlemaker grief we have decided to come back better than ever. And we'll do just that from our new retail location in Bislett, Oslo! From here you'll be able to customize your candles right on the spot. Or just hang around and smell the nice candles. Maybe have some coffee while you think about what to write on your candle? Stay tuned for more updates and the official store opening after summer.

For those with a pending order, we have now been able to restart production and expect to ship your order early next week. Thank you so much for your patience during this time. You can contact us if you can't wait any longer and would like to receive a refund.

For everyone else, you can still order a custom candle now if you don't need it right away. Any orders you place today for custom candles will help us restart so we really appreciate that.

To help, follow along, or get in touch:

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